Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain due to an accident or a medical condition, the discomfort can limit your range of motion and affect your quality of life. Not only that, but the pain can also become chronic when it is left untreated. At Trabuco Hills Chiropractic in Mission Viejo, CA, we provide various treatments to reduce your pain and improve your overall health.


Causes of Shoulder Pain

Should pain can occur due to a variety of causes, such as arthritis, dislocation, rotor cuff tear, or repetitive motions. You can also end up with a stiff shoulder from an injury, inflammation, or lack of exercise. As a result, movement can cause pain and at other times, the shoulder can lose its range of motion and become a frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

When you visit us, we will perform a thorough evaluation and speak with you about your symptoms to learn more about your condition. Once we determine the root cause of your pain, we can develop a treatment plan for your specific needs. Sometimes, our chiropractor may utilize a combination of treatments to help you heal quickly.

When treating a stiff shoulder or frozen shoulder, we might use strengthening and stretching exercises to increase your range of motion. Depending on what is causing your discomfort, we may also recommend mobilization therapy to manipulate and loosen the joints and bones in the shoulder. Sometimes, frozen shoulder can occur due to misalignments in the spine. If the spine is misaligned, the spinal cord can become inflamed and send pain signals to the arm. Our chiropractor can help properly align your spine, which should alleviate any pain you may be experiencing.

If you have difficulty raising your arm above your head without pain, you may have a rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff consists of four muscles that help stabilize the shoulder joint. When they are injured or stressed, they can become inflamed and prevent you from moving your shoulder freely. We can utilize various methods to reduce the pain you are experiencing due to the rotor cuff injury. For example, ultrasound therapy and electrical therapy utilize sound waves and mild electric currents to stimulate and relax tense muscles. Along with that, heat and cold therapies help reduce any inflammation, while exercises and adjustments can strengthen and correctly position the muscles and bones.

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If you are experiencing persistent shoulder pain, let our team at Trabuco Hills Chiropractic in Mission Viejo, CA, help. The treatments we use are natural and non-invasive, which means they do not require medication or surgical procedures to help you heal. To learn more about our treatments or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (949) 454-9355 today. When you’re looking for a chiropractor near me, we are happy to assist you!


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